After long feasibility studies, Sevinçler Health Products Inc. entered the hygienic sector with the production of baby diaper in 2010. Our company, which aims to grow by adding value to its sector with its experience from the past , progresses without compromising the honesty and human value policy in this direction.

Our founders, who continued production and earnings policy without compromising quality throughout their commercial life, gained the trust of their customers in this sector as well and the growth continued without slowing down. This growth was first realized with the expansion of diaper capacity. After a short while,with the decision of investment for the production of adult diaper, wet wipes and hygienic pad in 2012 ,the company became one of the important producers of the sector.

Sevinçler Health Products Inc.,which is one of the important producers of the sector, continued to its grow and started to produce underpad with its new investment in 2014, and shortly afterwards added baby shampoo and adult pants products to its portfolio and since then the company has been offering one of the most expanded portfolios in its sector to its customers around the World.

As Sevincler Health Products Inc., we continue to grow by adding value to its sector and country by exporting our products from our modern facility to over 70 countries without making any concessions from our quality and values.